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Unstable pitch control at high altitudes - rebuilt FS9.cfg


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Hi all,


Recently I developed multiple errors with keyboard assignments so I rebuilt my fs9.cfg which sorted this problem (or problems out) but I then developed a subsequent issue where my aircraft (FS9 default or add on aircraft would be unstable at higher altitudes. Climbing is ok and level flight below 20,000 acceptable but any higher the a/c pitches up 7-10 or even 12-15 degress which eventually stalls or makes the a/c unstable.


I backed up my cfg and then went and compared. The only section I could find relevant was the control section which had a couple of small differences between which I changed as per original but still the same issue.


Not sure of any other section in the FS9.cfg which would impact flight controls?


I'm stuck in limbo right now - use the original cfg and have multiple key assignment issues or the new one which makes any ac pitch up too much and un flyable.


Any advice or suggestions what could be causing this or possible solution?




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Over 10,000 upto 300 kts no problem and it's more of an issue the higher I go (above 25,000 no stable flight). Def not overweight either. It's any aircraft I'm trying at the min default or addon (I mostly fly jetliners). I'm swaping my fs9.cfg which has a direct impact which is making me think about the cfg - old one no problem (but as mentioned above problems with keyboard assignments) new one has the pitch problem.


Unless maybe a setting in cfg not directly relating to control is effecting the aircrafts behaviour causing this but I'm baffled at this point.




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