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PlaneMaker Question?


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In FS2004 & FSX it is possible to swap and/or pinch certain parameters from one aircraft to apply on another, even use the air file from another AC.

So you guessed my question, I did have a look at PlaneMaker instructions but it lost me to be honest, so if say I had a good model that flies perfect but also had a (similar) model that maybe would fly good if it had the workings of the good model.

I did look at the files but I wasn't sure which does what, I tried to copy certain bits by opening them in PlaneMaker and copying from the good to the bad but like I say it is knowing what and which.


I mean some of these models are very good and it is a shame that with a bit of tweaking they could be made perfect, going back to FS, I've had aircraft that were great models but like I said above needed tweaking to fly right and I was able to swap bits over, always remembering to back up first before you say it.

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