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Boeing 307 Stratoliner


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I tried the Strat earlier, it was never one of my favourites to be honest even though I love the old prop jobs, I think it is the shape at the nose I don't like other than that it's OK.

Anyway this one the sound is great but taxiing is a real pain, mainly because it's a tail dragger I think, I selected the AI to have a go and that too had it weaving about, it couldn't keep it straight, it flew not too bad though.

Again another good model and thank you to the builder, I wish I was more adapt at configuring in XP or I would have a go ant trying to change the steering somehow.

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AFAIR many taildragggers (e.g.) the default Stinson have their CG too far aft.

Moving the CG forward quite a bit reportedly makes taxiing and keeping it straight on take off easier and hence more realistic.


How do you do that, I would give it a try if I knew how, I take it it is done with Plane Maker?

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