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Best virtual airline management system?


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Maybe here is not the right place to post this topic, so first of all my apologies.


There are some virtual airline management sistems, but I would like to know your honest opinión




Thanks in advance.

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Well, phpvms is being rewritten so if you are looking into that you may want to wait until Neebel has finished version 4.


Realistically the hosting software is all about your requirements. The more customizable the software the more you need to know about how to program the backend. The learning curve on all of these tends to be fairly verticle. If you can find someone who has gone through setup they can be very helpful in getting you off the ground.


I think it is best to develop your idea of what your VA is going to be and how it is different than the other VAs already out there. You need to have a niche to attract people to your VA. Start building the left and right limits of what you envision your VA to be and get feedback. You also need to have a solid footing for the funding. VAs are not cheap. There are hosting costs, DNS registration, if you run TeamSpeak then there are costs associated with that. Not to mention some of the better management systems have many commercial add-ons that can add up to expenses. I'd say that my VA initially cost me about $550 the first year and about half that the second year.


That also brings up the question of hosting. You will need a host that is VA friendly. VAs have a unique needs and the cheap hosting solutions are generally not the best fit. What makes a good host for a business based website is not the best for a VA. Choose your host wisely based on the needs of your management software. Things like Cpanel and PHP version (and the level of control you have over PHP) are very important.


I think the best is to look at VAs running various management software to see what you like. Unfortunately, many come with a member versus non-member side of things and I doubt anyone is going to open their Admin side for you to look around.


You are free to look at my site www.flyelite.net however I do have an entrance exam that if you want in you have to pass. Sorry, there is no way to bypass that.


Best of luck,



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