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FS2004 UK Scenery with accurate roads


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Hello all,


I've just bought my dad FS2004 as a Christmas present and noticed there are scenery / terrain packs available. I'm looking for a UK scenery / terrain that will give all the proper roads (Motorways etc) and buildings (like football stadiums etc). I'm assuming the default scenery isn't like Google Maps but please correct me if I'm wrong!


Can someone please point me in the right direction?





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The default scenery is not like google maps.


Good addons for FS2004 are:


FS9.1 update. Google it and download from microsoft for free. ESSENTIAL



FSGlobal.... worldwide mesh .... mountains etc will display more accurately

Ultimate Terrain Europe.... more accurate roads/scenery/night lighting

Flight Environment.... enhanced skies/clouds/water

Ground Environment.... enhanced scenery on the ground

Active Sky Evolution.... Real time accurate weather


Good freeware:

WOAI aiorline packages..... so your virtual skies are filled with real AI liveries


For things like landmarks, do a search in the library here of at Avsim. Lots of free goodies there.

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