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FS9 attempts to open a nonexisting scenery


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Good morning.

Strange problem, and I cannot solve it myself...

When I start a new FS9 flight, and open my FS9, since yesterday I get a message like on attachment image 1 ( scenery read error ). And this happens from yesterday on for every trial to open an airport whatever.

It opens, after I click like the message says, and I see only the scenery of the airport more or less normal but the whole surrounding of the airport is just greenish squares as in attached image 2, no details of the surrounding, ,o tres, no houses, just greenish squares.

All these parts of the airport scenery which contain no information from the scenery itself, but only 'background'-information from FS9 default, are also a form of 'greenish' shines, see image 3 attached.

When I see the scenery from above, i looks almost normal, except for the by the scenery itself uncovered parts, and these looks 'greenish'.

It is similar for whatever airport I open.

What can be the reason why this phenomenon appears? I certainly did a wrong manipulation somehow, but I don't know what....

Jive1 - Belgium





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My problem unexpectedly is solved!

I was still searching on the internet for a solution, after I wrote about my problem, and I found on an other forum exactly the same problem as mine, with a solution which was exactly my solution as well....

In area2 of my scenery.cfg, there was a line that disappeared, i.e. 'Texture_ID=1'.

After completing that one single line, everything was OK.

Now I am asking: how could that line just di

disappear without my knowing?


Jive1 - Belgium

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It is not uncommon for the scenery.cfg to become corrupted for no apparent cause, anything from a missing line or entry to dozens of lines of complete gibberish. I backup the file after adding anything new, so always have a current backup just in case (right click on the file and select "add to zip", this gives you a scenery.zip in the same folder, right click on that and select "extract here" if you need to restore); this goes for the logbook.log also, as it can become corrupted occasionally.
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