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AI Aircraft Disappearing In FS2004 Update


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Hi there,


It took me a while to get somewhere with this problem, but I think I may know what the problem was. That was causing many AI Aircraft to Disappear, on Approach to Amsterdam Schipol Airport.


One thing I was doing, was trying to change arrival and departure times for certain Flightplans, from the "Flight 1" Ultimate Traffic 1 Traffic.bgl File.


To do this I was opening that File up, in a version of the Program AI Flightplanner. The program was finding many errors, with the File including Flight Altitude missing, Aircraft unable to return within repeat period errors and many others.


I am thinking that may be due to the fact, that AI Flightplanner was unable to read this Traffic.bgl File properly.


Possibly because it is put together, in a different way to other AI Traffic Files ? Also as with other AI Aircraft Flightplans I have compiled, using the AI Flightplanner program, it removes the @ Symbol from Flightplans, when you save the Flightplan Files, using that Program.


I hadn't noticed that until very recently. So when I compiled the Traffic.bgl File, with that program, the @ Symbol which was present in the Flightplans, with the original Ultimate Traffic 1 compiled Traffic File, had been removed from All those Flightplans.


So maybe the famous "37 minute problem" was coming into play here ? I have had other AI Aircraft disappearing from FS2004, when I have compiled other Traffic Files, using AI Flightplanner. So I am thinking it was the same problem in those cases ?


When I use an Ultimate Traffic 1 Compiled Traffic.bgl in FS2004, not edited by me, the same AI Aircraft seldom disappear.


I now compile all my other AI Traffic Files, using the TTools Program. using the @ Symbol in my Flightplans.txt File and changing all the Speeds of the AI Aircraft, to 200 knots in the Aircraft.txt File, as it is strongly advised you do. And I am having far fewer disappearances now, than I was before.


I do have a problem though, with the AI Separation Program. I use it in conjunction with the AI Smooth V 1.11 Program, using the recommended settings by Dave Sheffield, when using them together.


I find that many AI Aircraft (conflicts) ?, that should be slewed back to start the approach to EHAM Airport again, simply disappear completely. And don't start the approach again, like the AI Separation Program, is supposed to do for the AI Aircraft.


Does anyone have any ideas, what could cause that problem ?


Regards Eddie

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