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Lamezia Terme/LICA scenery installation problem FSX:SE


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I have problem with scenery from BDO Aviation "Lamezia Terme - LICA." 5 days ago I bought PMDG b737 and now I wanna flying from little airports where is simply taxiing etc. Aircraft work perfectly, any airports in my FSX like EDDM, EDDH, LKPR, LEBL etc. work perfectly, but when I bought and installed LICA scenery, and if I want load this airport, FSX permanently crash. I reinstall this scenery several times, but nothing help. When FSX loading there is this notice: "SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (Addon scenery/SCENERY) in scenery Area.121 not found. Click OK to continue."


I use Pro ATC X and I relign this scenery. When scenery loaded, there is crash notification on the display, aircraft is in the incorrect position on the gate and taxi lines. So, what do you think? Its only 15 eur, but still... Default installation folder is C/Program Files (x86)/... but in the installation notification is reccomendation for installation to FSX/Addon scenery folder direct. When I do this, after instalation there is in the addon scenery folder no one folder for this airport (with all scenery textures etc.) but 3 folders... so first I split this 3 folders to one (named it LICA) and then add scenery in the FSX addon scenery menu like ussualy.


Thank you, Martin

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And this is continue.


Today I have flight from EGSS to LZIB and everything start ok. Nice flight, nice weather, nice view on the chanel and Netherlands coastline. Problem start on the Germany - Czech border, see images:






Is this Area.121 from error notice? And what can I do with this? I use Orbx Global, Europe,UTX Europe and Toposim Europe, East Europe and Scandinavia. Reinstall all this addons? Before LICA installation I have no problem. I completely uninstall this but its not solution.

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