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Text problems in FSX: Steam Edition


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Hey everyone,

Basically, when I decided to do a flight on FSX I noticed that the all menu text (during flight not main menu) was like this:




It is pretty hard to navigate the right click menu as well because that has the same problem, basically all menu text on the top bar and the right click menu has problems.


Does anyone know how to fix this? I re-installed FSX but It didn't work.




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Try verifying the game cache.


To verify your game files please do the following:


1. Load the Steam platform and log into your account

2. Click the Library tab in the menu at the top of the screen

3. Click the List View from the view options on the top right of the screen

4. Right click on Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition to bring up a popup menu

5. Click on Properties from the popup menu to bring up another popup box

6. Click on Local files from the popup box menu

7. Click on Verify integrity of game cache from the Local file options

8. Wait for the progress bar to finish verifying your files. Additional files may download

9. Restart Steam

10. Restart Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Hi Will,


Good advice from Charlie, but as you state that yo have already re-installed FSX it may not work, as the issue maybe related to an OS or GPU issue.


There a number of reasons why this is occurring........


Video card settings (not FSX settings) - check to see if any settings have been changed. Corrupted menu issues can be caused by some 3d and Anti-aliasing settings.


A font issue - Note these are not related to the default FSX fonts that you will find in the Font folder located in the main FSX folder. They are related an OS system file issue. FSX, like many other apps, use common fonts that are found at C:\Windows\Fonts, so reinstalling is unlikely to resolve it. There are several things to consider here.......


1. Have you recently added any new aircraft. Most, like much of FSX, make use of defaults system fonts. However, some, especially payware models, may use their own fonts that 'override' the default font normally used. This can cause issues when you change models. Uninstalling the aircraft will usually resolve the issue.


2. Are you using Win 10 - For some reason some installs of the Win 10, especially via the update route, seems to delete fonts that it deems to be incompatible - a common one for some reason is the verdana font. Even with a fresh vanilla install of Win 10, some users experience it when a major Win10 update is released - not surprising as these updates tend to be akin to a complete re-install that updates most files.


The problem can happen with other versions of Windows but in those circumstances the most common cause is related to other programs installing incompatible versions of their own fonts, overwriting the system ones.


Google the phrase missing fonts in windows # (whereby the # represents your version) for more info and fixes.




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Maybe, but far-fetched. I don't recall previous occurrences of Windows updates messing with the FS menu font.

With the font of some FMCs, yes. But not the inflight menu.


I have seen this before though, it was GPU-related IIRC.

I'd like to see the OP's GPU capacity. Probably too high settings, although I see no AA is applied.



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