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I bought some FSGenesis mesh.


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It seems to me if every airport needs adjusting, it begs the reason to keep this add-on unless you are using it as an excuse to learn a new scenery editing tool?


Did you try the Scenery Designer's forum?





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Freeware ADE will adjust airport elevations. There is also a freeware airport editor by FSPlanner (?) I've used both to adjust/create airports. I like ADE better. Both require the proper installation of the SDK. You WILL learn something about scenery editing or you will not achieve any alignment with your new FSG terrain - just the facts of Life. BTW, I do have FSG.


On the other hand, the Terrain from FS Global comes with a tool that adjusts the mesh in the vicinity of the airport to minimize the discrepancy. I do not know if it also requires the SDK to be functional.


The alternative is to just live with it: either the default terrain or the discrepancies. Which option is 'best' for you is up to you. I tend to ignore the minor stuff and fix the more serious ones IF flying into the airport is 'important'.



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I already know the facts of life.

I used ADE to move airport to proper Lat Log but original hole is still there.

I will now post my scenery questions on the Scenery Designer's forum.

The airport is not important but is small and might as well learn there.

Thanks for all for help.

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You can probably minimize the elevation anomolies by backing off the Mesh Resolution slider. The problem with that is your mountains won't be as nice...Don

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I'm SO glad to see you back Justin. You've been missed. If I can ever help with anything just send me a note at w2dr..at..comcast..net.


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There are 2 problems, require different fixes. One is airport is at wrong elevation. Often a problem for small strips with no reliable data on elevation. Easily fixed with ADE. Second is airport is at correct elevation, but depicted as "flat" when IRL that isn't the case. Compounding may be that surrounding terrain is hilly. Fix needs to be analyzed. Could be fixed with ADE or SBX. Default airports are placed onto "flattened" (single elevation) terrain polygons. It could be that making the flatten polygon smaller, or shaping it can reduce the effect, or creating "sloped" flattens in a transition area around the actual runway/taxiway/apron areas. Another approach is to reduce the mesh complexity near / at the airport which results in less abrupt elevation changes (smoothing effect).


scott s.


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