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Hi Guys,


Here Fsx giving me headaches once again. Yesterday night it was working perfectly, like a charm. Went to bed, and today while trying to start it back up, selected my FSL A320 in EGGW (Luton) or my AS A320 and while loading the bar reaches the 100% saying Loading Complete and then nothing comes up, FS completely stops responding until I have to force the way out of it. I´ve tried deleting my FSX.cfg and let it rebuild a new one, as well as replaced the UIAutomationCore.dll, even tried restoring my system to yesterday and nothing.


I moved to a temporary folder the FSX.CFG, DLL.XML, EXE.XML and the Scenery.cfg, and ran FSX, and it ran without any problems.


Started putting back one by one those files on their respective folders, and ran FSX each time with out any problem, except when I got to the part of moving back the Scenery.cfg file. This is where the problem got back. I already unchecked and uninstalled the last scenery I installed and the problem persists. I actually tried by unchecking all my add-on scenery, the flight loads, but I can only see some squares with black textures and an invisible airplane.




Any suggestions?

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Based on your comments there is obviously a problem with the current (restored) scenery.cfg file as it causes the issue when you add it back. As you will have noticed when you copied it back it will have overwrote the 'new' current .cfg file. The 'new' current .cfg will have been a new file automatically created when you first started FSX after removing the original and it will contain entries based on what it has found at the time of rebuilding. Try this


1. Remove or rename the 'old' current .cfg that is causing the issue and let FSX create a new one.

2. When the new one is created check to see what it contains and then re-activate any missing stuff one scenery at a time, testing each time to see if an issue arises.




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