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Creating new ground textures....how?


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I'm talking about the scenery/world/textures for fs9. For example, if I wanted to create my own set of summer only fields, whatever the region needs to be that gets applied near where I live, how would I do this?


I know there are many other ground textures available, GEPro etc, which I have, but say I wanted to experiment and create my own particular fields? Just one set, xxxb2su1-7 etc. How can it be done? I've searched and only find examples on photoscenery. But the original - or any - world/texture files aren't photoscenery are they? How were they created?


I'm not sure how its even done, but just for experimental sake, and something new to learn, anyone got ideas? I can't find ANY info on how its done. So any help very appreciated!!

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I think you need to start with a tileable texture to begin with, then cut an irregular hole in it and set a chunk of imagery as a layer underneath so you end up with a tileable border around each texture. Take a set of default or GEPro textures like 056b2 or something and convert them to .jpg, then you can flick through them with Windows Photo Viewer like a rapid slide show and you'll see what I mean about the border. Each texture in a set has basically the same border, it's only the center part of the image that changes from one texture to the next. Other than that I guess it's important to get the resolution somewhere close so a road for example doesn't look like it's 500 feet wide, also get the color dialed in so they sorta match with whatever they butt up against.


You can do a google search for "photoshop tiling texture" and you should be able to find a tutorial. They use "Filter > Other > offset" but I can't remember the specific instructions.


Disclaimer: I've tried this and I suck at it! It's very hard to eliminate the repetitive look. :)

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