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Javier Cortes FMC with EADT B737800v5


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I am running xplane 11 with windows 7 64bit


Does anyone have experience with ..... Javier Cortes XFMC .......... with EADT B737800v5 ?


Also when I try to make a flightplan from any airport in Canada to the USA in skyvector I can save it in the FMS folder but when I try to load it up in the (XFMC from Javier Cortes) and click the LEGS page it is blank, no waypoints listed only the depart airport and arrival airport. This doesn't happen however if I make a flightplan from USA to Canada.

Core i7 10700K OC to 4.6 all cores/EVGA 750W G+ PSU/ MSI Z490 edge mobo/GSkill RAM DDR4 32GB(2X16GB) 3600mhz/ ASUS TUF RTX 3080/ Win10 home/ Asus 32 inch monitor 1440p/ CH Flightstick
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