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ACG IWM Duxford scenery not working.

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Hello, My IWM Duxford Scenery (airshow, ai and non-airshow) is not working. I have tried several sites that offer the same download and the outcome is always the same... it does not work. Anyone know why?



- Downloading from different sites

- Looking the the scenery library (its not in there)


Any help would be massively appricated

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it does not work


A quite detailed description of the problem, if I may say so :rolleyes:.


IIRC it's an auto-installer which adds two folders to your Addon Scenery folder, and some effects to the apppropriate Effects folder.

Did you activate the scenery (and optionally the airshow) in the Scenery Library screen after running the installer ?



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+1 on Wim's advice! The scenery works fine. I did not install the AI, AI flightplans, or the Air Show.


This is how the Scenery Library looks with the Duxford scenery installed.

Duxford library.JPG


If the air show is added then there will be a 2nd Duxford entry in the library for that.


This is a shot of the airport.


Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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