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Stuck While Loading ATC at 83%


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Hey guys,


Im facing this issue right now where while loading a flight (with the default trike) in Frankfurt or Paris CDG - Default (So far, I have not tested or face this issue in other airports) while loading ATC at 83% a window pops up saying that my computer doesn´t have enough memory blah blah blah and crashes.


I´ve followed the AVSIM CTD 2017 Guide ever since I installed FSX (Recently).


I´ve downloaded the AppCrashView App, but after the crash no newer crasher appear at the top of this app, meaning (I suppose) that it doesn´t recongize it as a crash, I´ve also checked the Windows Event Viewer but no crash appears as well.




Any Suggestions?


Thank you guys

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Hi Wim,

These are my system specs:


SIM: FSX SP2/ P3DV4 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790k @ 4.0GHz GPU: GTX1060 6GB OS: Windows 7 64Bits RAM: XPG DDR3 1600 16GB (2x 8GB) Display: Samsung T24D310NH 24´



Unfortunately no, I could fly over paris, frankfurt, brussels, etc without a problem

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have you trued uninstalling this app and see if the crashes stop?


You mean FSX? No, I have not, since its always the last of my resources.

But I tried the windows repair utility, the CPU-Z to check my RAM, Drefraged, etc etc etc

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Hey Guys,

Well, miraculously, while still investigating right before doing the repair, I uninstalled my AI Traffic (3d Party) and Voila, the problem is gone!




Im pretty sure it was a corrupt texture in it. The problem is to find out which, because it had a whole lot of textures.


Thank you anyways for your help!


I really Appreciate it!

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