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Dx 10

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It works fine in my system without Steve's fixer


But everything looks the same as with DX 9


What exactly does DX 10 improve?


Of course only the FSX default aircraft, and very few others, are compatible with DX 10


That is a problem as I bring MANY FS9 aircraft over to FSX


Just wondering what you see DX 10 improving?

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I get much smoother performance at high quality addon scenery's and less stutters.


However, at the moment i'm currently having an issue with DX10. My PMDG aircraft seem to have jagged edged on the wings, I found a solution but it means having the Virtual Cockpit blurry.


Ultimately i guess it can have its pros and cons just like everything else.

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I've read/seen videos of DX10 users and it does improve FSX as a whole: better lighting, shadows, etc.


I'll never try it though, as on the flip side I've also read many issues people experienced.


I don't need that headache...

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