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NVIDIA WEB Helper.exe


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In the last few days I suddenly got a popup when I start the PC, it has the heading 'NVIDIA WEB Helper.exe' and in the small square it says it is looking for 'MSVCR120 Dll'


I have that DLL already in my system folder, but reading online it seems this Nvidia helper thing is a problem to a lot more people, some say it isn't needed, some say it is spyware.


I did a Malaware Scan but it found nothing, any ideas please?



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Nvidia web helper.exe (filename has spaces) is of course not a virus.

It's a legit part of the GeForce software for your videocard.

Of Nvidia Geforce Experience to be precise

(which has preset 'optimal' settings for games, and has an option to record gameplay.

Unfortunately FSX is not in the list of supported games.)


Easily found using Google btw.



The Nvidia Geforce Experience is something that is not needed for the Geforce driver and settings screen to work. (You can select not to install it when installing your driver. By selecting "Custom Installation". Then de-selecting "Geforce Experience" from the list of options. The Geforce driver is not affected.)

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