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Found a simple way to set ILS frequency.


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Found a simple way to set ILS frequency.


I stumbled on something today.

If you open the GPS, and select your airport, you can go to the list of frequencies.

You can then click 'the round gps button' and you get a highlighted box.

You can then use the arrow keys on the gps to scroll through the list.

That much I knew.

What I did not know, is that once you have highlighted the runway you want, you can click the enter key in the GPS, and that that ....selects that frequency in your Nav1 standby frequency of the 2D Radio panel!!!!!


No need to remember the frequency, close gps, open raidio, try to set it, and forget the decimals halfway through.

just click the 'Enter' key that is on the GPS, and close the gps, open the radio, and just switch standby Nav1 to active.

Easy peasy.




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After years of simming, FS9 and FSX combined, I never knew this. I'll have to try this out! Thank you!
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Just to add, I also use the Garmin500 GPS, I recently tried the Garmin530 which is slightly updated, also allowing me to do a round robin flight.

Start at Base fly to waypointX- fly to waypointY- fly to waypointZ- then fly back to base.

Nice for testing aircraft and/or veiwing the scenery etc.


Having said that I just installed the GPS6 found here in the library file name gps6.zip

That too gives a bit more information on airport frequencies, so with that and this method mentioned by the OP things will improve in my flying.

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Some more goodies:

Did you know you can type in the GPS? Very useful!!

The following works in the FSX Garmin500 GPS and in the FSX Garmin 295 GPS as well.



Ever wanted to check out the destination airport, but couldn't remember the ICAO?

And not close enough to find it in the NRST (nearest' page) list?


I used to use the "Map" menu to find the ICAO. Scrolling the map to find it takes long. And the flight pauses, so it feels unrealistic. Also you're not allowed to pause while flying online.

Another way is to start a browser and Google the airport. No need to pause the flight, but don't want more programs open.


Then I found a way to use the GPS to find the airport even if you did not know the ICAO airport code.


Go to the Airport page. (one way is when in map view in the GPS, click the large arrow to the right.)

On the airport page are actually several pages.

Make sure the cursor is not highlighted. If it is, press the round button to deselect cursor.


Click the small arrow to the left. several times. Untill it goes no further.

Now you are on the airport page that shows the airport ICAO, airport name, position, ELEVation, and the airports available fuel types, and some other details.


It's the airport name we are interested in.

You need to highlight that, and create a typing-cursor.

Then type the name of the airport.

Often this is the name of the city. But not always. For example for Amsterdam yo would need to type "Schiphol".


How to get the option to type.

On that page, click the round button.

This shows ICAO as selected. It will show as flashing the ICAO.


Then click the large arrow on the right.

That will then show the next item as selected. The Airport name.


Then press the small arrow on the right.

Now the first letter of the airport name is selected, and you can start typing.

Just type the airport name,

and click the Enter button on the GPS to lock it in.

The airport is shown and you have all the details.


To lock it in, you then need to press Enter on the GPS.

(If you press the round button, your selection is gone, and you see the previous selected airport again..)


It's "type-over mode"

so as you type one letter, it replaces the one that's there.


Great tool for figuring out navigation and approaches well in advance..



Typing to select, can also be used for VOR's.


Want to use a VOR for navigation, you know the name, but not the frequency?

For example, all you know is it is called 'SFO'.


Go to the airport pages in the GPS.

Make sure the cursor is off. If it's not, click the round button.

Click the small arrow on the right, a few times, until you see a page with VOR on it.

A VOR wil be selected, and that info showing.


Click the round button, to select the name of the current VOR.

Click the small arrow to the right.

You will see the first letter of the VOR name blinking.

Type the name of the VOR with the keyboard. In this example SFO.

Click the enter button on the GPS. To lock the selection in.

The info for VOR SFO is shown.


(You can then also use the cursor in the GPS to select it's frequency, and click enter. But be aware, that places the frequency in Nav1, and not in Nav2 in the Radio panel.)



Same works for looking up an NDB.


No need to type CAPS or hold the shift key while typing I think. The gps does not seem case sensitive.


For those who use the mouse only, and not the keyboard.

It is also possible to type the name using the GPS buttons and the mouse.

Select the first letter, as described above.

Click (or rotate the mouse wheel on) the small arrow on the right. The letter will change to the next in the alphabet.

Then press the large arrow on the right to select the next letter.

Use the small arrow to set the next letter.


Press enter button on the GPS at the end to lock it in.




Occasionally when selecting a VOR or NDB in the GPS, you get a message: "Duplicate Waypoints" in the GPS.

It just means there exists more then one waypoint with that letter code. The GPS will list the different ones, with coordinates.

Choose the one you want by selecting from the list. In the list are country codes too. I think I saw 'ei' behind waypoints in Ireland once when selecting.

Or just select one if you don't know. When it is locked in, you can usually tell if it's the right one by looking at the distance it is away from you.


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I've been clicking in the map then scrolling to the destination airport and zooming in, most times the info is there, sometimes I've Googled it.

I have Little NavMap activated when I fly and that too sometimes tells you the ILS.

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