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Flight sim setup in NC


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Hey guys. Recently decided to build a whole setup. Built this in April/May of this year.


Intel I7 7700K processor

16GB of RAM

Nvidia 1080 with 8GB of RAM


2-1TB Drives in a mirror for RAID storage

Volair SIM Cockpit with the arm rests

3 27inch ASUS monitors anti glare thin bezel

750 Watt PS

Huge heat sink

Saitek controls



Probably other stuff I'm forgetting. This thing is stupid fast. Don't know what could slow it down cause it runs anything I have put on it with everything cranked up and I haven't really tweaked it. Gets over 100 FPS in flight. In NYC it averages 50 FPS and again that's with some pretty high graphics/sim settings. On my previous rig NYC would drag down to single digits with less settings! I've got $4000 in it. Everything is still like new.


Would like to trade it for a newer ATV (yep... a four wheeler! at least 570cc that's still like new. Or a Polaris ace or similar. My stuff is not junk and I don't want junk in return!


This setup is turn key ready to fly. I live north of Charlotte, NC. If you are interested you are more than welcome to drop by!




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