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I just need your opinion/preference on how I should upload my airports that contain 3rd party scenery.


After contacting the authors of the scenery objects I use in my scenery, I finally got the ok from all of them to use their scenery objects in my scenery (except for KB's static planes, it appears KB is not longer active in Flight sim, but still crediting him). I can finally release 3 airports I did awhile back (that used 3rd party scenery objects) which include 38W, WA88, and WN35, and eventually KBLI.


A need your guy's feedback on how I should do my scenery upload files.


1st Method of packaging my scenery files for upload: Make an airport file structure (Airport name / scenery & texture folders) and put the 3rd party scenery object's BGL files in the scenery folder and texture files in the texture folder of the airport. I explicitly stated in my emails to ALL the authors that I would like to have their scenery objects in the same folder as my airport so you don't have to go through the hassle of downloading the scenery objects separately, and from the looks of it, the authors are fine with this. All the downloader has to do is just move the airport folder to FSX addon scenery and activate it in the library.


2nd Method of packaging my scenery files for upload: Put my airport's BGL files only for upload, and state in the readme that you have to download the scenery objects separately, with links provided. This method is more of a hassle to download and get it to work properly. This method requires the downloader to simply drop my airport bgl's into fsx/addon scenery/scenery, but download the scenery objects separately.


Which method do you guys prefer?

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Johnny Boy,

If the 3rd party scenery objects are fairly common just direct the downloader on where to find them as most simmers probably already have them. It will make your upload lighter and we won't get duplicate bgl's and textures. That's my preference.



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I have to start by saying I'm not speaking from experience. I created many airports in FSX with ADEX (and ADE9 before that), but that I have not uploaded a single one.


I did think about it a few times though. I installed many, and often thought of what is the best way to install (and offer) them.



First tof all, it's much cleaner to give the airport it's own name, and scenery and texture folder.

Cleaner install. And much easier to cleanly remove.

Recommending, if you choose to do that, start the folder name with the ICAO code.

When I install an airport always give an airport a folder and folder name like that.

That way I have a list lie this, with the airports of the arious countries nicely grouped together. Simply by 'organise by name' in the explorer.


However, the separate folder has a downside too.

Installing that, activating in library is easy. But if someone doesn't like it, and is inexperienced, he might just delete the folder. And then fsx gives an ERROR message when it stars. (not an issue, but the word ERROR on start up scares people to bits. Often seen them on the forum panicking.)


A user can simply create an install folder himself.




Comparing the two methods while thinking back.

I started with fsx, and eventually discovered addon sceneries after about a year.

The first I installed (quite a few) all instructed to install in the addon scenery.scenery folder.

Then I happened to get a 'separate folder on' and found that much cleaner.

I did it wrond once and deleted a folder there. Started fsx and go warning. Thought for a second. "undo what you did las" is always good. Closed fsx, and restored folder from recycle bin, hey presto, fixed.

Looked on google how to remove. Found easily. Did library first then removed folder.

Wasn't that difficult.


Found ADE when two years fsx. Edited first airport and saved as new version. new name. Problem was, now both old and new in addon scenery/scenery. And priority issue with buildings showing through buildings.

Also propblem when downloading second version for EDDF for example. No ide what name of first version was that I had installed already. No idea of names of all files of that one. And hadn't kept the downloaded .zip, so could not look it up. -->So, again objects showing through objects.


I noticed that the mess in the addon/scenery/scenery folder was really out of hand.


Windows crashed bad on day for no reason, un-bootable, and reformat was needed. After reinstalling Windows and all that, I swore never to put an airport in addonscenery/scenery again. (that's 3-4 years ago.)


So my instinct was to recommend a separate foder install. On the other hand, I learned a lot from climbing that learning curve I described. Learning one step at a time.


This is how my Addon Scenery folder looks now. Each folder starting with it's ICAO.


Addon Scenery Folder.JPG





Second thought, adding the (whole) object libraries could clutter up things.

*Many airports means many duplicates of libraries.

**In (each of) your airports are files that the copyright is someone elses.

so you would have to add notes about that. And as people never read those, they will get confused, and ask you permission to use those objects perhaps. Not the end of the world, but still confusing.



I personally don't find downloading and installing an object library a hassle. Not at all.

I give each one it's own folder too. And install them only once. (Or at least try to. SOmetimes I get greedy and install one just in case.:))

As you see these also group nicely.





I would just tell the user where to find the object libs. And I'd make sure to mention it in the file description with the download. Not only in the readme.txt file.

Often a descrition says: "Several object libraries are required to get the full enjoyment from the addon.". Or something similar.

I would say it so it sounds more inviting. Somethig like: "By installing 3 freeware object libraries you will get even more enjoyment from this addon."

Saying something else is 'required' could make people think: "That costs money" or "That sounds way too complex.".

Saying you can make it look better by doing .... entices people in.


By making the user install a library, he/she will be clear on the copyright on that library. He/she may start looking into what libraries are, and find out that way how great they are. He/she might get interested in ADE(X), and start designing his own airports. And what could be better then that!!




Last time you asked it was a slightly different method you mentioned.

You talked about telling ADE to "compile the objects into the file.".

I never did that, but I think that way ADEX will create for you some extra bgl files (similar to the CVX files you see sometimes. And tha these then contain the objects.

(And only the objects that you used and not the full libraries.)

With less objects it again seems cleaner than adding the full libraries. But on the other hand, who has copyrights on what becomes much less clear.



All in all I would just refer the user to the libraries. Almost every addon I ever installed was done that way. Only exceptions were airports from a few designers that used their own objects. Objects they had created themselves.


For example, MAIW airports have objects in them, and include a note to only install them if you do not have that library in another of their airports already.


Other designers that work alone include one or two of their own libraries of objects they made specifically for this airport (a realistic terminal for example), but also include an instruction to install a freeware library from Flightsim.com for the other objects. One by a different designer.


Teach a man to fish...


(Even if someone does not see the note on having to install the libraries, they will very likely come to Google or to the forum and complain the airport does not look like the screenshots of it.

And someone will clear them up on that extra step.)


Difficult choices I know. I'm terrible at making those too. Even choosing filenames is hard.

Break a leg!


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Wow thanks for the advice. I assume then to go with method 2. However I learned how to make airports and scenery and to use ADEX from CountryFlyBoy (Flightsim Youtuber) and he preferred doing airports with the scenery objects in the same folder so it's neater and no extra downloading hassle. I honestly do kinda find it a hassle having to download extra items to make an airport to work, so that's why I wanted to upload with the scenery objects in the same folder as my airport. And file naming wise, I name my zip file the airport's name, for example Lynden Mun., but if for airport file structures (airport/scenery & texture) of course I use their FAA/ICAO code (example 38W).
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