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changing the fsx.cfg for wide screen does not work. fsx 3 monitors


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I changed both cfg files for wide aspet ratio to true

yet still I can't seem to get all 3 of my monimonitors to work their result ion is

1920-1080. My grapid card is a intel 4600 I know it's not g card problem cause out of flight sim

I have everything elselse Internet etc cross over all screen

any help woup be great trying to help.my Lil brother fix his new flight simulator.

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Hi matthew,

I can't help with the multiple monitor but I'm trying to keep you from going down a dead end path. The wide aspect setting has nothing at all to do with the aspect ratio of the monitor. Setting it to True changes the default zoom setting (what you see when you press the backspace key) from a 1.0 zoom to a 0.69 zoom. I often see statements to the contrary but this is easily verifiable.

Jim F.

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With this confusing typo: "monimonitors to work their result ion is

1920-1080" I wondered the same thing. Trying to change the monitor resolution using the Wide option?


Also to be clear, The Wide option will work with any monitor, but it will LOOK best when using a "Wide View" 16:9 ratio monitor as opposed to a "normal" monitor at 5:4 ratio.

As Jim pointed out, the Wide option gives your view a slight "fish eye" effect so the sides of the view contains more peripheral vision.


I don't know if the Wide option will affect more than one monitor.


If you want to change the RESOLUTION of the monitor(s) the best technique is:

1) At your desktop set the resolution of ALL the monitors to their default factory highest native resolution.

2) In the FSX graphics options set the FSX simulation to the same resolution as the highest monitor.



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