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No Brakes!!


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Hi, I have had this problem for some years, but it's very intermittent so I've put up with it. Be great to know what is going on though - and fix it if possible... really annoying when you set up an aircraft with PF3, FDC, AES etc. etc. then after 20 minutes you want to taxi and find you can't use the brakes!!


Sometimes when flying a small number of planes (the CamSim A380 with Charrier Matthieu's nice panel is the one I have noted reoccur, it may possibly be the only one - though it happens by no means every time I fly it), I lose the ability to apply brakes. If I switch to the default Cessna, still no brakes, either with the X52, or via the usual keyboard assignment - which still shows as being set to the full-stop key in the FS9 menu/assignments. I have looked at the fs9.cfg file when this problem is current and it is identical to my backup copy in every detail.


I can only guess that the problem is with a guage in the a380 panel (??). But it'd be almost impossible to troubleshoot this - firstly it only sometimes happens (wish I could work out what triggers it - I know using a pushback gauge to manage taxi speed does, but I no longer have a taxi speed gauge installed in the aircraft) and secondly there are so many gauge entries in the panel.cfg I wouldn't know where to start if I did this on a trial and error basis.


Anyone got any insights into this issue that might lead to me tracking down the cause? as it is, only closing down FS9 and restarting it gets the brakes back. (The parking brakes Ctrl + full-stop key, BTW, still work fine).





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You say it happens when you want to taxi. Are you in pushback when this happens? Won't stop even if you apply engine thrust ( if the engines are running)?


I have had this happen in my Sim also and restarting the flight is the only solution I've found.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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If the brakes are hydraulically operated, it could be that the hydraulic pressure has dropped. Check that the hydraulic pumps are all on in the A380 Overhead panel

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Thanks for the various suggestions. I have just restarted my flight in the a380 - I highly recommend the combination of the Project Airbus a380 and Charrier Matthieu's a380 panel (in the flightsim library) BTW - a joy to fly (so smooth and responsive and the panel has lots of detail) - and all is fine. But that often happens, as I said.


I have disabled all the entries relating to the pushback gauge in the panel, as I know that the same gauge with the taxi speed gauge included (the one with Charrier Matthieu's panel doesn't have that option) definitely stops the brakes from working (so that is a possible root of the problem). I'll see how it goes like that, but when (or if) the 'no brakes' issue returns I'll look at the things you suggest.


Whatever, it would be good to know by what mechanism brakes in all aircraft are 'nobbled' by whatever is going on. Will probably forever remain a mystery!!



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Charrier Matthieu's a380 panel


Should probably post separately, but for now - if anyone has this panel (a380pv1.zip), or installs it to try it out after reading this! - there are two oddities:


1. During climb the Speed window can reset itself to 000, so the a380, if unattended, will stall and crash. In practice, not a big issue as I climb up to cruising altitude with no problem at all (the PA a380 is a dream to hand fly) using the throttles, only setting the A/Thr from that point and descent. Anyone get this too? (And found a solution??!)...


2. I have never been able to see how to turn on the TCAS! Anyone?



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