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How to play sounds when button clicked


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I'm not at pc. So just some brief and incomplete help.



From the readme You will find you need to install folder with the sound files.


Also a file. (in /sounds or /gauges, I forget.)


then some things in the aircraft panel folder.

In panel.cfg--two gauges:

dsd_fsx_sound_xml (name not exact)

and one with in the name:

fdsfx. (sfx is short for soundeffects I think)


(plus of course those gauges in the panel folder.)



the magic is this:

fdsfx is the gauge by this designer.


Behind it in the panel line, after coordinates, is a space (important) then a period sign ( . ) and the the pat to that one file I mentioned second. The one I cant remember the folder of.


That gauge, fdsfx, shows the buttons. And when clicking then, connects to the file in the path.


In that file are links to the soundfile locations.


And the gauge dsd3_xml_sound

is required to actually play the sounds.


I'M not 100 percent sure on the linking. It is possible the single file is loaded to dsd3_xml_sound, and that that the finds the sound and plays it.


The gauge dsd3_xml_sound is required, and that is by another dev. I think Doug Dawson.

On his site you can find more recent versions of this file. Made with fsx in mind. I installed the new version long ago, and the fdsfx panel after, so I'm not sure if the ok one works for this, or if you need to get the new one. For some gauges that's needed, but for the fdsfx one maybe not.


But, have a look at the site of the creator of the dsd gauge anyway. If offers it not only as a gauge, but there is also a elaborate huge for download on how to creat gauges that use the dsd3 gauge to play sounds when "gauge events" happen. "gauge events" can be clicking a button, but also be: dropping gear, passing 10000 ft, starting fuel dump,etc etc. Basically any event you program into your own gauge.


Hope this helps you on your way a bit, il.

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I was wrong, very wrong.

the dsd_ gauge is used to connect an event to a sound. Events like passing 10.000ft, raising gear, etc. So, a sim-event.


It is for example used with gauges such as callout gauges.

Or another gauge I use, Altalerter.gau. (You set this to an altitude you choose, and it plays a sound when passing that altitude. For example to warn when passing 10.000. Or when you are cruising at 28.000, you can set it to 27000 so it warns you if the plane is descending for some reason.)

The required files I mentioned are for these type of gauges.

older version:



new fsx version:




I thought that method can be used to link gauge events of a gauge you write, to sounds, as well.

(And that may be an option indeed.)


I thought the fdsfx gauge was also done in that way, but it is different.

I just had a look, and it's very different. It has a whole bunch of .gau files instead.


Also a bunch of.dat files.

.gau files can not be read of course. But tried having a look at a .dat file by renaming an extention to .txt and then looking with Notepad.

What is those files seems very straightforward. Have a look yourself.

---How that is connected to by the .gau file, no idea of course.



Sorry if I put you on the wrong track regarding the dsd_fsx_xml_sound3.gau file.

It is not how the fdsfx works.

(Still, linking gaugebuttons-->dsd-->sound files seems like an alternative solution to making a button-sounds-panel. Ive been thinking about making a panel that way for a while, so I don't want to give up on the idea just yet.:))



With the fdsfx it seems like the .gau calls the .dat, and then knows what sound to play. Just a wild guess.

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