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sometimes you just have to wonder :confused:

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As I am flying from EINN to KORD using a B747-800 @ FL 330 I came across this in MAP view. UUBD in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. I googled the airport for info and here is wheat it says.

Dyagilevo Air Base



Type Medium Airport


Lat: 54.6446990967 (54°38'40"N)

Lng: 39.5704002380 (39°34'13"E)

Elevation 440.00ft


But here is the map picture of where it shows it to be...





This is an interesting error for FSX but funny as well.

You all have a great 4th (US holiday) & happy :pilot: Flyin


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Mistery solved. Looks like an MAIW airport.

Guess the OP considers it as an add-on "aircraft".


And looks like MAIW made a mistake in East/West or +/-, putting the airfield in the Atlantic.


CORRECTION: it's not an MAIW airport, it's a bugged TrafficX airport. Don't have that, so I suppose the thread ends here for me.



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I do have traffic 360 (old Traffic X) and that might have added the airport. Still strange. I have FSX-SE but normally fly the boxed version as the traffic 360 doesn't work in SE. Thanks for all the input.

Happy :pilot: Flyin

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