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Over Manzano Peak

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Well...with the end of the school year (school teacher here and Private Pilot in training) comes more time to practice and sim. I've been going across the US from KPYM (Plymouth, MA) and took this beauty over Manzano Peak which is near Albuquerque, NM on my way to Alexander Municipal Airport (E80) which is right past this peak. The picture is almost a panaromic type with Nvidia Surround used to make all 3 monitors appear as one with a resolution of 5760x1080.


This is FS9 as it better supports my triple monitor setup with my laptop (FSX runs but with addon scenery and maxed out it runs on average around 20fps with dips into the 9FPS on a single monitor setup)Looking at Manzano Peak NM from the virtual cockpit.jpg




Over Manzano Peak NM.jpg


Let me know what you think as I will try to post more pictures of my adventures going to California and then back to KPYM through short 1-2 hour flights. These pictures make excellent wallpaper for a 3 monitor setup.



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