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Boeing 737 NG Checklist and Procedures App (Pmdg, iFly ...)


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When I started flying PMDG 737 NGX and iFly, I really struggled in the first days, because it's not easy to fly such airplane specially without knowing the exact procedure that you must follow in order to start up the aircraft for example, well I've read many documents and articles in order to learn how to fly it correctly, and that's exactly why I am writing this post now. Recently I've developed an app about procedures and checklists for Boeing 737 NG (PMDG, iFly ...), I gathered information from many resources in order to make it simple and productive. I also added some features like Night Mode which is very convenient during the night. Anyway, you can check this link for the app.


Procedures provided in the app are :


• Preflight & Aft Overhead

• Overhead Preparation

• Forward Panel & Pedestal

• Before Pushback / Ready For Pushback

• Engine Start

• After Engine Start

• Taxi

• Cleared Into Position

• Takeoff

• After Takeoff

• Climb

• Cruise

• Initial Descent

• Final Approach / Landing

• After Landing / Taxi

• Shutdown / Secure


Checklists provided in the app are :


• Preflight

• Before Start

• Before Taxi

• Before Takeoff

• After Takeoff

• Descent

• Approach

• Landing

• Shutdown

• Secure


I hope it will be useful enough, even I'm sure it will be, specially for new fs pilots, have a nice flight :pilot:

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