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Barking dog noise fsx (google) gave many hits.

This, about airbus planes and weird noises.



and this, about noises at airports.



Similar to the loons at a certain 'hidden gem' airport.:)

There is an addon that adds other sounds and that you can use to add to any airport you like. It's an object you place. Invisible. Has sounds of gulls, a dog in the distance, crows, maybe more.

Very nice to add to an airport that you have added flocks of gulls and crows to with ADE. Seeing those and hearing them too is cool!

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1. you bark like a dog while your plane pushes back.


2. You teach your dog to bark when you hit shift+P.


3. What the heck are you talking about???


4. Turn off CAPS

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filename for those airport sounds is:

filename: 2b2_snd-v12.zip

site: Avsim Library.


Edit: I see it's for one airport. To place the sound at other airports should be possible, but I'm not sure if you are allowed to then share the result.


Creating something similar from scratch, including your own soundfiles, would be an option if you want to upload your own addon airports and add sounds to them.


Another option would perhaps be to use your own placement file, and explain in the readme.txt of your airport that they need to install and download 2b2_snd-v12.zip from Avsim to get the required sounds. Best to still ask permission from the creator of 2b2_snd-v12.zip. The creator is Joe Watson.

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OK, now that I comprehend your want, I found this Air-bus sound package:


http://simviation.com/simviation/?ID=511&page=2&mark=7843 10th download on the page.


I'm going to give it a test run.


OK, test completed....several nice woof-woofs when the pump engaged during push back! Nice air-bus sound set!;)

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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