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two sound folders

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I noticed the folders in the aircraft folder but also one in the fsx folder. what is the use of the folders? On another note, when installing gauges into the fsx gauges folder, can you copy the zip.cab file or does it need to be unzipped first then copy the files? Thanks for any answers
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.cab files are put into your FSX/Gauges folder as they are downloaded. No need to unzip.


The sound folder in each aircraft folder contain the sounds that the aircraft uses, engines, landing gear, flaps, wind noise, etc. The sound folder in the Main FSX folder contains sounds that are use by various aircraft like brake squeal, cannon fire, GPWS, and ground handling.

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the .zip file you download from flightsim.com has to be unzipped.


The gauges ar sometimes .cab files. They must be left as they are, as .Cab files.

These cab files are somewhat special. They are not made wit Winzip or something similar. But by a special fsx/fs9 tool.


Sometimes .cab files are in the panel folder.

sometimes they are in the zip file in a separate folder named "gauges". And there are instructions to place them in the main fsx /Gauges folder. In that case you just copy everything in that /gauges folder, and past it in your Main FSX /Gauges folder.

-Both methods will work. Panel folder or Main /Gauges folder.


The gauge is called by the panel.cfg file. If it doesn't find it in the panel folder, it will load it from the /Gauges folder.

(this also means that a gauge that is placed in the /Gauges folder can be used by more then one plane.)

(Instead of using that method you could install the gauge in every panel folder that needs it separately. As you prefer.)

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