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XPwideclient will connect to XP10 but not XP11


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I have XPwideclient - XPUIPC - Plan-G working perfectly together on my X-Plane 10 multi-PC multi-monitor setup.At very least this suggests that I understand the settings required of the programs, have set them up correctly,and that my network is configured and working correctly. However, try as I might I cannot get the programs to play together on my X-Plane 11 installation using the same hardware. All programs are run as admin and firewalls are down on all PCs. I have opened Port 54942 (which I remember seeing somewhere as being associated with XPwideclient) on my router - did not make any difference!!! .XPUIPC is configured properly in Resources/ plugins folder. When I try to launch XPwideclient v2.0.0.3 with XP11 running it just 'sits there' without any connection to the server. XPwidclient.txt shows:


Waiting for UDP from server


Status INIT


granting multicast to




Closing connection to server OK


I am at my wits end - have searched and searched over the last week for a solution but apart from the usual " configure the .ini properly". "take down firewalls" etc etc the solution has evaded me. Can anyone suggest what else I might try?



When posted on another forum, I was grateful to receive several replies suggesting that I look at file and network permissions. This I did with the following results



Thank you for your replies. Update:


1. I made sure that "sharing" was correct for all relevant drives/folders/programs on all PCs


2. I gave all administrators and user groups (including a new group "Everyone") "Full Control" permissions over all relevant drives/folders/programs on all PCs


3. I checked Windows Network Credentials for all PCs on the network and everything appears to be correct.


4. Rechecked that firewalls were down and rebooted all PCs. File transfers between network PCs works fine.


At the end of this


1. XPwideclient still connects correctly with X-Plane 10 via XPUIPC plugin and Plan-G works.


2. XPwideclient will NOT establish connection with X-Plane 11 even though the settings in XPwideclient and XPUIPC are correct. and the XPUIPC plugin is active in XP11.


As an experiment I opened XPwideclient.exe without having either X-Plane 10 or 11 active - and it behaved exactly as described in the original post i.e. "just sat there". It's like it cannot "see" X-Plane 11 even when it is running


As much as I hate to admit it -- I think it has beaten me




Anyone have any ideas before I really give up?


Bob Ward

Melbourne, Australia

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I see a number of items relating to control permissions over all relevant drives/folders/etc ...


So you may have this covered, but as a long shot, plan-G and XPUIPC have to work in the same mode, either Admin Mode or non-admin mode. Running them in different modes may cause problems.

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Not meaning to hijack this thread but I can't get Plan-G to build a database for XP11, it works no problem with FS9 and FSX.

I have downloaded the new 64bit version, I have had it trying to build for over and hour and nothing happens.

Do I XPUIPC for it to work?

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Do I XPUIPC for it to work?


Absolutely, Plan-G won't work in XP without XPUIPC!


You need XPUIPC 64 bit (if you haven't got it already) http://www.tosi-online.de/XPUIPC/XPUIPC.html

Before installation carefully read the Readme.txt file within the zip first.


If there are any problems with the installation, first option would be to visit the plan-G support forum http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/forum/index.php (but as a seasoned plan-G user you would already know that :) )

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Go to page 2 about 3/4 of the way down on the page and download new version from Tim. This worked for me.

GPU: GeForce GTX 1080

CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K CPU@4.2GHz

Memory: 16.00GB Ram

Resolution: 3840 x 2160, 30Hz Seiki 39†Monitor

Operating System: Windows 10 Home Edition

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