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VATSTAR is turning 2!

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VATSTAR is turning two!


Come join us and our friends at ZMP (Minneapolis ARTCC) for our annual birthday flight to celebrate another successful year for VATSTAR. Last year was for the jets, so this year we are showing love for General Aviation.


Minneapolis is hosting a College Fly In event that is featuring KOMA which will pretty much guarantee ATC staffing from 2100z to 0300Z We are going to piggyback on this event and fly a GA route from KCMX to 4R5, following the coastline of Lake Superior.


The flight is 116nm and should only take about an hour and a half.


Event time will be 2330z with a "wheels-up" time of 0000z.


Should the weather not cooperate, we do a have an IFR back-up plan of KMCX to KASX via V148 IWD V413 ERIYI V217 GRASS, but we are hoping for blue skies and tailwinds!


Those interested in joining, please register here: http://vatstar.com/index.php/about-us/2nd-anniversary-flight so we can get a heads-up for ZMP as to how many GA we expect to join in the fun!

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