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Age Old Problem Freeze or Lock up


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I know it has been brought up before but still looking for answers. What can cause the FSX program to freeze up? You all know and have had it happen with the sound still going and nothing in the events log like a ctd. Control/alt/delete to recover. Now I do run my sliders all the way. Max water and Active Sky because I like it. I do leave the airport traffic ie fuel trucks off. Found that to tax the system. Most of the time My FSX can run 24/7 yes all night long without any trouble. Then, once in a blue moon it will freeze up. Just looking for knowledge. As you can see from my specs. awsome build gives my great results using Kosta and Nicks tweaks. I thought maybe the live weather. Sometimes a burp on the internet?I have tried different aircraft but even with the default Cessna. It doesn't happen that often so it's hard to narrow it down to any one place or thing. All imput and personal experiences wanted.

Mike G.

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If you are on a 64 bit OS and have not applied the uiautomationcore fix, this item causes what appears to be random crashes because it's dependent on how often you click on stuff within FS. A look at your Windows Event Viewer immediately after a crash will inform you if this is the culprit or something else. You may even be able to see what caused your last crash right now. If you see the notice "faulting module: unknown" then the cause is likely an add on. The usual culprits are:


Scenery- This can appear random because you have to fly between boundaries where one or more faulty scenery instructions interfere with other scenery. It's easy to discover this by using the Scenery Library to uncheck add-on scenery areas and flying the same route that last crashed.


Aircraft- These are usually not random. Every time you fly the plane it crashes eventually when you operate a feature.


Panels- Poor or obsolete gauges will crash when you use them.


Weather- Since you operate your FS near max, when a more intense cloud environment loads with animations like rain and snow, this may push your system over the edge. When you set up your options, do so in a MAX environment. Use the Weather Storm Theme at an enhanced airport like LAX in your most demanding plane with all your animation features set where you like them like aircraft and vehicle traffic and fly around the airport for a long time while your computer heats up. Doing this will ensure your settings allow head room for WORSE CASE and you still get the minimum frames you can live with.



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