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unregistered airport


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I'm Gerray and greetings fellow simmers:pilot:


I have found an unregistered airport on the island of Anticostie. The airport is called Riviere Bell Aérodrome ; does not have an iceo but is assigned (????) CRB5 according to Wikipedia. This airport is part of the scenery called Anticostie created by by Jean-Pierre Filion.


Question: is there a way assign an iceo to this airport and therefore save the airport that is inside the scenery Anticostie.


Is this a manouvre that is allowed in FSX? do I need a permission from Jean-Pierre Filion ? Is it physically possible ??


Why ??? all this: because I would like to create a flight plan covering all 3 existing airports on Anticostie Island.


Looking for answers....Thank you to those that will reply.


Fly safe,


Gerray :pilot:

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If you keep it to yourself (don't give it away for downloads of send it to your friends), you can do just about anything you want to it. You could get you plane to the airport, and then make a waypoint in the default FSX flight planner or something like Plan-G, without having to figure out how the somewhatcomplicated ADE works. If you can wait about 2 weeks, I could do it for you in ADE.

Eagles may soar, but weasels never get sucked into jet engines.




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