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FSX Freezes & Crashes my entire PC


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Okay, so I recently installed a fresh copy of FSX on my gaming computer.. However, when I started the first mission to verify that my settings were okay FSX had froze my entire computer. I couldn't hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE to enter the task manager, my entire OS (Windows 10 64-Bit) had crashed, my only option was to pull the plug on the computer. For the past two days I had tried so many different methods to fix this issue. I tried to run FSX in compatibility mode, use the 4GB RAM patch, added the "UIAutomationCore.dll" file to the root folder, a complete reinstall of FSX, but not luck. Im sure this issue has something to do with how old FSX has gotten, I hope somebody has a solution into why this keeps happening. I will post my computer specs down below. Thank You.



Processor: Intel Core I5 (3rd Generation) 3570K

RAM: GSkill 2 X 4GB (1866MHz) = 8GB Total

Storage: Samsung 840 Evo SSD (256GB)

Motherboard: MSI Z77a-G45

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This has nothing to do with how old FSX is.


I, and many others, run FSX under Win 10. I fact, I can run CFS2, CFS3 and MSTS, all of which are much older than FSX, under Win 10.


No, there's "something else" going on here. One question comes to mind: into exactly which root folder did you put the uiautomationcore.dll?


And there's no reason to run FSX in any compatibility mode. Rather, you should run it in Administrator mode. Is it installed in the default location?



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