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GTX670 v.GTX970

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I have a 2700k operating at 4.5, so I have no problem with frame rates.

My problem is with the image if I fly too fast close to the ground - it gets blurry.

Unlike when I am climbing out properly at 250, and the scenery "clicks" into clarity in chunks in front of me.

If I exchange my GTX670 for a new GTX970, will the problem improve?

I'm thinking it might because on Tom's Hardware, the 970 has a rating greatly in excess of that of the 670.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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FS is a CPU hog and it may be the CPU as crazy as that sounds. Is this FSX? How fast are you going above the ground? Mach speeds I can see that it would be blurry, but if it's normal speed than there may be a setting in the GPU settings you could try adjusting. I'm not sure. FS2004 is my main sim although I do have FSX I haven't reinstalled it.


If you are using FSX are you using a modified FSX.cfg file? Have you seen this sticky? https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?259352-FSX-P3D-Software-and-Hardware-Tweaking-Guide

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