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FSX and WOAI problem

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I have had a problem. I did a new install of FSX and no problem but when I try to install the files from WOAI, i get a message "xxx already exists, repair installation, yes or no" just wondering how they could exist when that game is the fresh install. I have FS9 too, but I deleted all traffic files for AI and I still get that message. Any thoughts? It would be appreciated if you know or know someone who knows how to fix this problem. Thanks
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Fsx uninstalls quite poorly anyway. Did you uninstall WoAI using the installer, or did you just manually delete the files?


Run Ccleaner (for free) and do a registry repair. Then try the WoAI install again. Should work fine.



Grtz., Hans

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There are still remnants of the previous install. I had the same thing when I reinstalled FSX back in February. Just say "yes" and go through the reinstall procedure.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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I don't think that's it.

Woai installer does not look in the fsx folder to see what is installed there at the time.

Instead it remembers what it has installed before.

That info is stored in a file called WAOIDATAX in the WOAI installer program folder. (WOAI24 folder).


If you used an old copy of the woai installer folder, it rememvers it installed those packages.

Best option is probably to delete that copy of the installer folder and put back a new copy.

(Replacing only the WAOIDATAX file will work too. You can simply get that from the zipfile the installer comes in.)



If you stil hav all your already installed old traffic files saved from the old fsx install, and are planning to simpl place them back, then do that. In that case leave your current WOAIDATAX file where it is. It knows what it has installed, and that will match up with the files you are putting back.


If you didn't save traffic files and AI aircraft from the old fsx folder, put a new WOAIDATAX file in.

Do save the one you are using now, just in case. Simply rename it to WOAIDATAX_old or something.

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