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AIFP Vs TTools Question


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I normally use TTools and have done for many years, I was looking at AIFP and it is fairly easy to use but I read somewhere that if you have flight plans in the sim written with TTools then the plans written with AIFP won't work or something like that.


I have a lot of WOAI installed and the plans are written and compiled by TTools so will all those be useless, if not does it mean I can't use AIFP?



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Hi Col,


AFAIK there is no issue. The only issue that I do know of is not relevant in this case as it relates to using FS9 traffic files in FSX and this, maybe, is what you have read. Basically, a single FS9 traffic file will kill all FSX AI traffic files and only the AI relating to the FS9 traffic will show.


There are two options available for you to consider.....


1. Try a single AIFP file and see what happens. If no issues - happy days!!!!! but if you get issues then......


2. If you really want to use AIFP over TTools (I do as I find AIFP better) re-compile the TTools stuff using AIFP.




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Hi Brian,


I posted this here but it was also relating to FSX as well, I installed in yesterday on my new PC on a spare HD along with FS9.

I installed a few WOAI aircraft along with the flight plans, they shown up along with Ultimate Traffic so hopefully all is well, thanks mate.

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I've used AIFP to convert the WOAI traffic .bgl's to FSX format (for P3D), it converted over 600 .bgl's in minutes flat, amazing! It's necessary because the WOAI FSX files have FSX models & textures, but the .bgl's are still compiled in FS9 format.

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AFAIK the only thing you have to watch for when switching to AIFP is if you used the @ symbol and slow A/C speeds in the aircraft.txt files then you need to read Don's statement on how AIFP handles those instead - it's in the AIFP manual. Details are on the AIFP forum:




Hope this helps,

Tom Gibson


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