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Upgraded Computer and Graphic Distortion Occurs!


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Hi Guys,


Just wondering if anyone has experienced this problem after an upgrade of their computer. I upgraded to an Intel i7 -4790K CUP @ 4.00GHz (8CPUs) and 16Gb RAM. I'm using my old Graphics Card which is an AMD Radeon HD 6970.


Since I upgraded I am getting these black spikes appearing in the sky, as if they were coming from the clouds and it seems to be only when I look around using the HAT switch.


Does anyone know how I would get rid of these graphical anomalies?





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My experience with artifacts as seen in the video, is that they are a prelude to an oom error and crash. Reduce your settings to see if that will help. Otherwise, Google "oom error" for more info than I can provide in this space.


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I had that when the settings were too high on my old cards. Either update your drivers to newer driver set or lower your settings, or maybe time to upgrade your graphic card as well.



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