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Will XP10 Aircraft and Scenery work in XP11


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I haven't got XP11 yet but plan on getting it soon, so my question is will aircraft and scenery from XP10 work in XP11?


At the moment I have FS9 but my Grandson just built me a new faster PC, I have FSX ready to install on it but XP11 has caught my eye, so I'm a complete newbie to it lol.



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XP11 is not 100% compatible with XP10, but most developers have already converted or are in the process of converting their products to XP11.


BTW, I find your question confusing. It would appear you don't even have XP10, so why worry about compatibility issues?

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The reason I ask was if and when I do get XP11 I may see an aircraft or scenery made for 10 that I might want to use.


Just like you can put FS9 aircraft in FSX, sorry to confuse you.


As long as you follow the instructions for installing sceneries i.e. object libraries...then the majority of X-Plane 10 sceneries will function as intended. You may find the odd anomaly here and there, but in general, and from my own experience, most work very well.


Aircraft are slightly different as it all depends on how the author created them. The best thing is to just try them in X-Plane 11.


As they're free, you have nothing to lose;)



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Thank you DominicS,


I saw on a webpage about XP11 it said install directly to the desktop and not to any particular folder, is that correct?

It seemed a bit strange for it not to have it's own folder like most other programs.


I think I know what confused me, there were 2 options, one was 'Install to Desktop' the other was 'Install to Laptop' I didn't look properly duh!

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