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Singapore Real Ops 2017 - June 17


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Singapore Virtual Area Control Center in collaboration with Singapore Virtual Airlines Group is proud to present this year's edition of Real Ops at Changi Airport. Panic Stations with a Southeast Asian flavor, this will have the level of staffing, planning and realism you've come to expect from a top level event with no less than 14 veteran controllers in Singapore alone!


Come visit our tropical little island on June 17 and perhaps turn around onward to one of 380 destinations in 90 countries. Bookings will be up shortly with a reply to this post containing detailed procedures and information. Unscheduled flights are welcome too although minor delays may be expected.



JUNE 17, 2017


0730 - 1300 ZULU

1530 - 2100 LOCAL


WSSS payware: http://www.imaginesim.com/wsss01.htm

WSSS freeware: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxscen



Additional notes:

1. Users with legacy "Samsoft" payware WSSS are advised to use alternative sceneries instead as that scenery has a large offset which will interfere with ATC operations.


Warm regards,

Nicholas Schuester


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Dear all,


We are pleased to announce that both East and West Malaysia neighboring regions will have ATC coverage as well, opening up more options for multi-leg flights during the event. We are in discussion with Thai and Indonesian vACCs.


Bookings are now open and filling up fast. Pop on over to www.singaporerealops.com to secure your slot. While unscheduled flights are also welcome, we'd like to remind pilots that just like in the real world, airports have flight slots to ensure things run smoothly and this is no different in Real Ops. Flying in without a booking will see you run into delays during peak periods as priority is given to scheduled flights.


Warm regards,


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