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PSS (Phoenix) B777 - VC lighting problem


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I still love flying this a/c, but notice than when I go to VC the (green) gauge lighting, when cockpit lighting is switched off, flashes rapidly on and off, several times a second. If you turn cockpit lighting on, the flashing stops (but I don't particularly want green dials during the day!).


Can't see any note of this, Googling. Anyone know of the problem - and a fix, maybe?



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I wonder if changing the color value down at the bottom of the panel.cfg would help matters?


Below is a sample from my C-47





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Available on AVSIM.com by permission of Microsoft is the FS9 SDK library as



Unzip the library and then install the

Panels and Gauges SDK - panels_sdk_setup.exe (1.6MB);

It is a word file. Go to the Appendix B section on masking. It includes how the three values of day, night, and luminosity are applied depending whether you have lights on or off. Luminosity is only used when the lights are on if the environment illumination is below certain values as I understand it. See the values in the samples provided. Still I would not use 0,0,0 for the luminosity or use 0,0,0 for night. I would use at least 1,1,1.


The masking section also explains how to use Image Tool to provide proper formatting of the masked sections of the gauges and cockpit lighting.


Copyright prevents me from extracting all that data here.

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Or, jump over to the FS2002 forum and check out my Having Fun At Night thread. :cool:


You'll need to see what line controls the color of VC cabin light(s) in the VC Light.fx file.


The colors I listed can be used to match the VC light effects to the 2D panel.


Basically, look at the night color used in the VC light effects file and change your 2D panel night color to the same value.


On the other hand, the "flashing 2D panel" can just happen if you're running a newer OS. I'm running FS2002 on Win10 and it happens when I transition from night to day. All I do is cycle through all of the views and come back to the 2D panel, then it stops. You may also want to try toggling your cockpit lights on/off/on or off/on/off depending on the time of day.

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Thank you for the replies. I already have the Fs9 SDK installed, but rarely use the panel SDK.. I'll need to go check that out.


I will also try out changing the 0,0,0 line - the lines currently read:



Night= 0,0,0

Luminous= 184,132,64


Looking at other panel.cfg files, maybe 210,120,20 would be Ok for the Night entry. OR, as the Luminous entry is as above, I don't need to change the 0,0,0 at all?


I need to fly a bit more and test this out first.... I suppose this must always have happened, but I don't use the VC for flying so have ignored it till now...

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Well, no changes I make to the section - even removing it entirely - make any difference, the gauge night lighting continues to flash in the VC. I looked at the SDK and also found your post on Fun at Night, Bob (only in the end by searching via Google) but I can't tinker with anything as I do not know what is causing the flashing. I do have 'areas of expertise' within FS9 - but this isn't one of them!


I don't even know where the VC is coming from - if I remove all the VC sections in the panel. cfg and reload the a/c, I can't see any difference! It must be in the model. There are very few entries in the [Lights] section of the aircraft.cfg - just a few Nav and Landing lights.


So, basically, I am not sure what to do now. Probably just not go into the VC during the day!

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