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About Posky 777 VC COCKPIT! only on 777-300er

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Copy the model file to the desktop. Open that with notepad.

If it has MDLXMDLH near the start it is an fsx model, and you can add a vc to it.


To add a VC you place an extra file in the model folder of the plane, and add a line in the model.cfg file.

(Or if you use an adapted line in the model.cfg file, you can do without the extra file. In that case the line links to a VC model in a different plane folder. And the VC will look identical to thet plane's VC.)



If the model file has MDL8MDLH near the start it is an fs9 model. You can not add a vc then.


Only the original designer can change it to an fsx model. Noone else.

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