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One option I am aware of for FS9 is available in the library on this site.


Do an advanced search for the following file name - kifp1.zip


Another good source of FS2004 scenery listings is the following webpage - http://www.freewarescenery.com/fs2004.html#gabon


Note that each country's section has airfields listed first and then, if any are available, it list any non-airport related stuff that often includes cities and local area mesh.




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For Arizona check the BlueSky photoscenery; they are promoting the FSX scenery but you can still find the FS9 version on their site, it's freeware, covers much of the state, and is beautiful (I doubt there's a better rendition of the Grand Canyon anywhere). Downside is it is exceedingly resource hungry.




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I found the kifp1.zip, but the download seems to be missing the afcad file. It's just a note pad document.

If you look at the file description, this is not a scenery, and is not for FS2004.


For FS2002, "AFCAD" files are provided in text form and imported into the game. They are not compatible with FS2004. So nothing is missing - it is simply no use to you whatsoever I'm afraid.


I am not aware of any add-on scenery available for this airport.





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