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CH Rudder Pedals for Cars or Planes

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As you might have noticed my user name indicates I am an Ultralight Pilot, or at least used to be. I have over 800 hours logged in many types of UL's as well as many more hours flying General Aircraft. All of these UL's have rudder pedals that are hinged at the bottom and do not slide back and forth, this is a simpler, more light weight type of construction used on many if not most UL's. CH Pedals originally marketed pedals that could be used as Flight SIM rudder pedals or Auto Sim brake and accelerator pedals by flipping a switch. My question is can these CH Pedals be converted to a USB connection for use on windows 7 or 10? CH has been no help so I'm counting on this forum.


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Are you referring to these? https://www.amazon.com/CH-Products-Pedals-Simulator-300-111/dp/B0000512IE



They already have USB and work great in Win 7. They do have like these little removable black plastic pieces that will prevent you from moving the rudder. I suppose those are for when you use the pedals for racing games and you just want gas and break pedals.


When I connected the pedals to the computer and fired up FSX, FSX immediately assigned them to their proper functions which really surprised me. The yaw and breaks where set. Not sure if the same can be said for FS2004.

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I'll add a few things.

The old connectors. I looked into that issue quite a bit for a similar issue, and as far as I saw there are no converters to Usb. I'm pretty sure using old pci cards was not an option.

The problem is within windows itself. No windows driver for the older analogue port I think.


But, sometimes you can but the old connector off, and attach a Usb connector on yourself. It may not be possible for every device. Try Google to find out.

(i'm not at my pc, so I didn't take a look.)


answering that other question I had Googled: THE DEVICE NAME SPECIFICATION convert to Usb


That found several youtube video's on how to do this.

Also, by selecting "Images" and clicking on some results I found one or two sites that explained it pretty well.


You will probably have to watch then all, and add up the info to get a full picture.

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Sounds like he is talking about the original CH Pedals, which were equipped with a gameport connector. I had one of these, and purchased an analog to digital converter for about $20, when a new computer only had USB and no gameport connection. It worked fine.
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