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Squawkbox SB4 & FS9 - Issue running separately on the same computer!


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Hi All,


I have been flying on Vatsim with SB4 & FS9 for many years now. One of my most recent purchases has been the Qualitywings BAe/AvroJet (146/RJ). I already had the 757 made by the same people and liked it so much i treated myself to the 146 just two days ago at the nice ripe price of £30.00.


Its absolute stunning to fly and operate, My system is showing some very small signs of struggle with it (aircraft takes a long time to load up at start etc) but once its up and running, its absolutely fine - No lagging, No frame rate trouble.


It was when I took to the skies online where all the trouble started for me... I have always used Squawkbox and opened it inside FS9 (via modules). So i did this, as normal. SB took a lot longer to boot up but i gathered this was just the aircraft slowing things down a little as it had done loading up the sim. Once online however, things started to go wrong. Every time the weather updated inside SB (i use default sb weather at the moment for basic online flyability) the game would pause for around 5 seconds, and then continue. Every time a player joined the session, i had the same issue. This was very annoying for me so I sat and thought about a solution to my problem.


I decided to try and get around the issue, the best thing to try was to run SB and FS9 separately (but on the same computer). So instead of opening SB inside FS, i would open it directly from the desktop. This did fix the issue, but then a new one very quickly arose, and this is where I need some help!


I have been running SB from inside FS9 for years with no issues... However, when i try and run it separately (on the same computer), it lasts about 15-20 minutes and then I get disconnected from the server. It does this over and over and over. It is driving me bonkers!


Has anyone got any idea what might be causing the problem? Or does anyone have an idea of a possible fix? I just want to fly my new plane online!! :(


SB runs fine and everything is normal, it just disconnects from the server after around 20 minutes. Im running FSUIPC (fully registered) with FS2004. Not sure what else i can tell you really!?


I hope someone can help...


Many Thanks in advance


Adam B.

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Guest lavochkin
I know there is issues with SB weather. Disable SB weather and use vatsim or IVAO weather. Or a 3rd party weather program. Hope this helps.
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