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Dummy needs help to upload scenery, please...


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Hi everybody,


I am sorry to say this, but after developping our scenery (Harrier Hides for FS9), being relatively familiar with designing but I have no idea to handle the upload at Flightsim correctly!

Because the package is zipped ca. 160 MB in size, I have to use the FTP variant and never had to work with this. So I am totally failing to get uploaded our scenery here.


Each help is much appreciated to get this pack released here. We would be glad to here your commentary on our project....


Best regards,


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FTP works pretty much the same as the file explorer in Windows. You have two views open, one is a window of files on your computer, the other is a window of files on the remote computer. You select files from one side, press "send" (or the equivalent) and off the files go to the other computer. It's really not all that hard.


If you use Firefox for a browser, the I suggest you install the FireFTP plugin:




I use FTP all day long, and this is how I do it. It lets your Firefox browser act as an FTP client and makes moving files back and forth convenient.

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Hi Nels,


thank you. I downloaded and installed the FireFTP-Plugin and I also get the option like you described. But my upload failed. "Send" is possible, but I got an error message:


553 Can't open that file: Permission denied



Problem's sitting in front of my PC, I assume ;-)




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