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AI Traffic calls heard even though the default AI traffic is disabled


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I am making an AI traffic file for Manston 1955 by Ian Elliot and apart from my own AI, I can aIso hear IFR Tower directions to other a/c.


I have deactivated the default ai traffic file by putting it in zip so the sim cannot read it.


I suspect it may be due to a few MAIW Traffic packs I have installed. Any ideas please?

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I tried disabling all my traffic files in Scenery\World\scenery by cutting them all and putting them inside a folder named DISABLED TRAFFIC.


Starting the sim, I could still hear the ATC giving directions to various AI a/c.


That means you were right when you said "Any AI traffic you have flying in the area will get ATC calls, there is little you can do about that. "


Thanks--I did learn something I hadn't the foggiest about...


Very grateful.



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That means you may have other traffic BGL files hiding somewhere. Do a search for the word Traffic in your FS folder, and see if you have any others hiding.


Note that all traffic files still ending in BGL found in an active scenery subfolder will produce traffic, no matter their name. Placing into another folder like your Disabled Traffic or renaming by adding something like bgl.bak are the only reliable ways.


Keep in mind if you go to Options/Setting/Traffic and uncheck both the GA and Airliner traffic boxes all AI traffic should be gone.

Tom Gibson


CalClassic Propliner Page: http://www.calclassic.com

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