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2004 aircraft to FSX


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mrzippy no aircraft in simobjects. I did install it correct as it display in add and remove programs in control panel as the file I downloaded has a installer. The one you download look good can you please provide me the link.


I used your link to the Rikooo download. Do you have this .JPG image in your UIRES folder?

This is what you should see under TDS in your Aircraft Selection page. None of the texture folders have a thumbnail.JPG in them! What you see in your Add/Remove programs is just the installer and it does not mean the aircraft is installed in your Sim!





For this installer to work you had to create a folder and choose custom install. Then add the appropriate folder to your Sim and gauges to you Main Gauges folder.


Look in your SimObjects/Airplanes folder....do you see a folder labeled Boeing 787-8?

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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