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How do I get FSX Acceleration to install on my external drive?


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FSX Acceleration comes in two parts, first FSX itself on 2 DVDs, and then Acceleration on one DVD.


To make this work, you have to install FSX itself on the H: drive first, and if I remember correctly, the very first question you get during that installation is if you want to do a normal installation or a custom one. Select custom here, and then you can select to install to other locations than the default one.


When that installation is done, install Acceleration, which will install to the same location automatically.


Also read the other threads about installing FSX, there are plenty of little tips in them.



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External drives don't always keep their dirve letters.

If it was drive I when installing FSX Deluxe, and it's now drive G, it will not work.

This is a constant problem. Plugging in a thumbdrive adds a drive letter, and thing go wrong. Unplugging one same.


Best install fsx on an internal drive.

It's not fs2004.

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