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How to get paintkits FAIB?


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Hi Folks,


I do not understand how do I get these paintkit for FAIB? I try and try and try. It won't work. Why the heck Adobe Reader refused to open and download PSD? I don't want to pay $9.99 a month! Do I get pay every month $9.99 for repaint kit? Does that only one time a whole month $9.99 then PSD will removed? Or One time download $9.99 then I keep PSD once? How? I don't understand how that works.


Where do I get PSD paintkits so I could use paint.net. I got free paint.net but FAIB does not get free. Where do I find paintkit for free? Why the earth they are getting payware for?


Many repaints did not get paint for missing airlines a lot of them. I read some forums and request repaint for specific airline but never repaint for over a year or more. They don't care. I want to repaint myself. How ? What should I do processing to get paintkit?





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