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My Pilotable Ships Do not Show up Just the airplanes

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I have had FSX since it came out I got it with FSX Gold Accelation but I never loaded it into my PC. I got a

new PC the fast as I could afford. It loaded in abour 25 minutes, the only problem I have is my ships that

are Pilotable do not show up just my planes, I followed the author's instruction to put them in the SimObjects

Boats. Am I doing something wrong?




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Hi Casey,

Well, there is a problem but it's not possible to say what with the info you provided. If you provide the name of the ship file so it can be looked at, that would be a good first step in identifying a possible problem. Unless the ships are all part of a single package the chances are you're misinterpreting something in the instructions.

Jim F.

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I would be great if you link to your download. Your pilotable ship should have a panel folder

with gauges and a panel.cfg in it or at least have gauges that can be put into your Main Gauges folder. The panel is what makes the difference between an AI ship and a pliotable one.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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